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Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival 2023

Welcome to the Fringe Garden Festival

The Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival is being presented for the 19th time in 2023. This year, we are excited to share with you more than 40 gardens throughout the region.

Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival

So many gardens
worthy of attention.

In 2005 the Taranaki Garden Trust was formed to present real gardens created by real people. The gardens you will find in the Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival are unashamedly honest and real, and each garden tells an impressive story of passion, energy and effort.

We offer a large variety of gardens that range from those that are picture perfect to those that are practical and achievable. This spectrum of gardens are chosen by design. We want you to go away brimming with inspiration and the knowledge that you too can create your own garden of delight regardless of the time, money, or space you have to hand.

We’re committed to keeping things personal, and accessible. Entry to any of our gardens is $2.00, as it was when we started 19 festivals ago. We acknowledge and thank all the supporters, volunteers, gardeners and others at the Fringe who have contributed their time and energy to what we do and to allow us to keep prices at that level.

Welcome to the 2023 Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival. We’re incredibly proud to be different, and to have been so from the outset.

We thank you for your support and invite you to discover, share, and enjoy our real gardens for (and by) real people.

Real Gardens for Real People

Just as important as the gardens are the gardeners behind them and the Trust seeks to celebrate their passion and achievement. That’s why we encourage you to meet the gardeners, share their stories, and learn from their adventures.

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Formal Gardens

Secret Gardens

Which garden will you visit next?

Real Gardens for Real People.
Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival

"The thanks should go to the gardeners who open their gardens to allow garden lovers to enjoy. They must be exhausted tonight! Without them there would be no gardens open to enjoy. Congratulations and thanks - you deserve it."
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