Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival 2018 Photo Competition

2018 Overall Winner

Alan Gould – Milk Cart – Wheels

2018 Competition Placings


Category: Colours Of The Rainbow

1st – Pam Davis

Rainbow Pencils

2nd – Alan Gould

Flower Bed

3rd – Leon Theaker

Photo Frame

Category: Wheels

1st – Alan Gould

Milk Cart

2nd – Gary Orr

A Wheel Is A Wheel

3rd – Alan Gould

Wagon Wheels

Category: Tranquility

1st – Karen Van Burgsteden

Floating Daisies

2nd – Arthur Davis

Peaceful Resting Place

3rd – Arthur Davis

Peaceful Together

Category: Garden Creativity

1st – Bernice Hotter


2nd – Vicky Adams

Benjamin Bunny And Friend

3rd – Karen Van Bergsteden

I’m Watching You!

Category: Children’s Section – Open To Their Imagination

1st – Pippa Williams


2nd – Alex Van Burgsteden

Stonehenge On Dudley

3rd – Kaden Williams

Green House

Category: Children’s Section – Scarecrows

1st – Jayden Poole

Baby Scarecrow

2nd – Jameson Poole

Little Bunny Fu Fu