Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival 2019 Photo Competition

2019 Overall Winner

Yvonne Harvey – Bee utiful Poppy – A Single Bloom


1st Yvonne Harvey - Bee uitiful poppy

2019 Competition Placings


Category: Hogarth Curve

1st – Andrew Thomson


2nd – Andrew Thomson

Creekside Garden

3rd – Stephan Vogel

Trigonometry: Negative Sine

Category: A Hidden Treasure

1st – Valerie Church


2nd – Andrew Thomson

Bzzz Bzzz

3rd – Laurel Aitken

Hidden Treasure

Category: Gates

1st – Ned Church

Escape To The Mountain

2nd – Sid Hardy

Black Gate

3rd – Valerie Church

Marco Polo @ Tupare

Category: A Single Bloom

1st – Yvonne Harvey

Bee utiful Poppy

2nd – Andrew Thomson

Paddy Stephens Rose

3rd – Sid Hardy

Pink Rose

Category: Children’s Section – Open To Their Imagination

1st – Poppy Varney

Looking Up

2nd – Dani Freer

Hidden Treasure

3rd – Alex Van Burgsteden

Many Blooms In One